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Lami Premium Kava Root Powder

The first thing that stands out about this Kava root powder is that it’s very smooth tasting. So if you’re someone who doesn’t really enjoy the taste of kava, then you should check this product out. The best thing about Lami is that they source their product only from organic and Pesticide-free farms. The taste and smoothness of this product can definitely testify to that too. Although this product isn’t quite as strong as a couple other kavas we’ve tried, it’s still quite potent overall. Unlike some other products we’ve tried, the texture on this one wasn’t clumpy or sticky at all, and it smelled like a very fresh batch of kava root. This is really just a great...

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Mood and Mind Premium Kava Root Powder

So we’ve been anxious to do a review on this product for a while now, and we finally got some time to sit down and write our thoughts on this. This product is one that we unfortunately, overlooked at first. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered it, and gave it a try for the first time. Wow, we were definitely missing out because this is the highest quality and overall best Kava product we’ve ever tried. The product has a concentration of 10% Kavalactones, and so far that’s one of the strongest concentration we’ve found in any Kava root powder we’ve tried. If you’re not familiar with Kavalactones, they are the active ingredient in kava that determines how...

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FU’U Kava Root Powder

We recently tried out some of the “Fu’u Kava root powder” from a company called “Bula Kava House”. We were expecting some good things from this kava due to its claims of being one of the stronger products. This is one of the lighter colored kava products than what you normally find with standard kava powders. The first thing we noticed right off the bat was that the taste was a bit different from your normal kavas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however we agreed that it tasted like it wasn’t very fresh and that it may have been sitting around in a warehouse for a long time or something. The strength of this product was also a...

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KONA KAVA Premium hawaiian Powdered Kava Root Plus (16oz)

Kona Kava’s premium Hawaiian Kava kava root powder is quite the favorite among many in the Kava community. It’s pretty strong compared to some other brands although the taste isn’t amazing. It’s known for being very relaxing and good for helping to relieve anxiety. If you’re looking for a root powder that’s pretty strong and mellows you out, then this definitely isn’t a bad...

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Kava Waka Fijian Kava Powder

 Just like Vanuatu, Fiji is also known for its high-quality kava products, and this Fijian Waka Powder is definitely one of the the best Fijian kava products available on the market.  This powder is quite fine, making it very easy to strain, and it’s only made from Lateral and Crown Root only so it is extremely potent, which you’ll find out right away after opening the bag and smelling it. Not to mention, this stuff just tastes great and it’s also very smooth.  If you’re looking for premium a Fijian kava then you should definitely give this product a...

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Kalm Instant Kava Powder – Tongan Pouni Ono (Great for Beginners)

Instant kava is probably the best type of Kava for beginners that just want to try out the herb and see what it’s about. Unlike other instant kava powders, Kalm’s instant kava is fiber-free and the taste isn’t amazing but it’s got a pretty smooth texture for an instant Kava product. Kalm Instant kava drink doesn’t require any extra preparation, you simply just add water to it and stir it up and it’s ready to be consumed. Normal kava takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare for optimal consumption. This is a decent brand of instant kava and it’s worth giving a try if you want something that’s very easy to...

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