Fiji Goes Kava Crazy After Winning First Gold Medal!

Fiji Goes Kava Crazy After Winning First Gold Medal!

So if you haven’t heard the news, Fiji’s Rugby team brought home Fiji’s very first Olympic medal in Fijian history.

Way to go Fiji! I think everyone was surprised about Fiji’s very first Olympic victory yesterday. Besides for being a tourist attraction, It wouldn’t seem that Fiji is really known for much else. After the victory, all of Fiji celebrated with its traditional favorite drink, which is kava of course. As kava fans, we know that what Fiji is really known for is having great quality Kava!

The team even imitated a tradition of a Typical Kava Ceremony by clapping 3 times. The full ceremony is normally performed by clapping your hands 3 times and saying “Mathe”. Back in Fiji, locals are filled with excitement, hope, and joy over this. Apparently, they partied so that many kava vendors were running out of Kava.

If you didn’t know, Kava is actually very popular among many Rugby teams throughout the South Pacific, not just the ones in Fiji. Many New Zealand Rugby players are also very fond of the root as well. I main think the reason for this is that although Kava has some relaxing recreational effects, it’s a much healthier drink than alcohol is. Good athletes can’t really afford to be drinking alcohol all the time because it can really have some very negative effects on both your physical and mental health. Kava allows these athletes to still party and have fun occasionally, without abusing alcohol and lowering their overall performance.

It’s really great to see more people being exposed to Kava through this event. There’s even been a bit of a buzz around it on Social Media, and a few other blogs as well. Hopefully, our favorite drink continues to be embraced throughout the world!

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