FU’U Kava Root Powder

FU’U Kava Root Powder

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We recently tried out some of the “Fu’u Kava root powder” from a company called “Bula Kava House”. We were expecting some good things from this kava due to its claims of being one of the stronger products. This is one of the lighter colored kava products than what you normally find with standard kava powders.

The first thing we noticed right off the bat was that the taste was a bit different from your normal kavas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however we agreed that it tasted like it wasn’t very fresh and that it may have been sitting around in a warehouse for a long time or something. The strength of this product was also a bit mediocre compared to what we were expecting to be completely honest. Also, the bag cost $23 for just a half pound of powder, so it’s not like you’re getting a great deal on price either. This could have just been a bad batch, but overall we just weren’t very impressed with this product.

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  1. this is one of my favorite types of kavas. im new to the kava game and still learning. very cool stuff!

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