How to make kava tea

How to make kava tea

Here’s our guide on how to make good kava tea.


Kava drinks can be simple to make and taste great. We have two great recipes for you to try. The Kava root has natural ingredients that allow you to relax. This makes it perfect for bedtime or relaxing with family or friends. You can buy ground powdered Kava online or in some health food stores. The strength of the tea will vary, so experiment and try using more or less powder depending on your preferred taste. Just to mention, some brands of Kava are a bit strong, so carefully select when you purchase. We will use powdered or shredded Kava in these recipes.

Do not use hot water, as this can decrease the number of active compounds that induce relaxation. So use warm or cold beverages of your choice. Also, Kava tea can be a bit bitter, so you can add any sweetener you like.
Below are two recipes for you to make great Kava tea. You can use powdered or shredded Kava. For the second recipe, you need a thick strainer, like cheesecloth. Paper strainers or tea bag strainers are not suitable if you are using powdered Kava. Try both recipes and see which one you like better.

Here’s our recipes for the best kava kava tea!

The First Recipe:
1. use one cup of warm water
2. add one tablespoon of kava powder ( add more or less depending on your desired strength )
3. let the mix sit for a few minutes
4. add milk or cream if desired (or try your favorite juice)
5. if too bitter add some white or brown sugar (or no-calorie sweetener)


The Second Recipe:
1. use shredded or powdered Kava
2. put Kava in a cheesecloth strainer
3. tie strainer and steep it in your favorite beverage (water, milk, or juice)
4. steep it for 2 to 5 minutes (for your desired taste)
5. squeeze out all liquid from strainer into your beverage

Relax and enjoy your Kava Tea!

Remember, if you wish to get the full effects of kava, it is recommended that you drink it cold, rather than drinking kava tea. It is said that the kavalactones (the main active ingredient in kava) lose some of their potency when cooking kava under high temperatures. New users of the root should keep this in mind if you do decide to make a warm cup of kava tea.


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