How to Make Kava

If you’re getting tired of using instant kava all the time and you would like to prepare it in the most traditional way, then this guide is definitely for you. There are multiple different ways you can prepare kava root. However, in this guide, we’re going to focus mainly on the oldest and most common way to do it. A lot of people seem to agree that this method tends to provide the most smooth and fresh taste. This is because with this method you’ll be using the root in its freshest form.

Recommended Kava Kava Dose: We recommend using a dosage of 3 tablespoons of kava kava and 1.5 cups of water per person. If the effects are not setting in after about 45 minutes another dose may be needed. Again, please take note that this measurement is recommended for preparing traditional kava root only. For instant kava and extracts, the instructions will most likely differ.


3 tablespoons of Kava


1.5 cups of water

Items needed to Prepare Kava:

Making a kava drink can actually be very simple, and all it requires is a strainer bag, cloth, or anything that will allow the water to strain water through. A normal strainer used for cooking will not be sufficient for this because your kava will leak through the strainer. You can find a good quality kava strainer by clicking the link, or you can just use something you have around the house instead. Some people even use a handkerchief or even a dish towel. Whatever gets the job done correctly is really just fine. Remember, There are multiple ways of preparing a drink but this is the most traditional way of doing it.

Kava Bad nylon mesh strainer

Kava Strainer Bag

Best Kava kava Mood and Mind

Good Quality Kava

Don’t be afraid to add your own special touch to your kava drink recipe. Many people like to add a few drops of honey, or even some maple syrup to give the drink a bit of extra flavor. If you’re not a fan of the earthy taste of kava, it may be a good idea for you to add something like this to sweeten it up a bit. The taste of the root might also take some getting used to.

Alternative of preparing Kava:

The method described in this article is used to make a traditional cold kava beverage, just like they drink it in Vanuatu, and Fiji. To learn how to make kava tea, you can check out our blog post on this. Keep in mind that the warm water used for making a tea may destroy some of the Kavalactones. This is another reason why the cold style of drink is preferred.

If you’re looking for a way to make a kava root drink in the quickest way possible, then the Aluball and shaker cup from Getkavafied are the best tools for that. With the Aluball, you can Just throw the root inside the ball and shake up the cup and your drink will be ready within seconds. If you’re interested in using this method you should check out our review of the Aluball from the kava tools page.