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Fiji has been hit by an overwhelming kava shortage. This is the third week in a row that the island nation is experiencing a shortage of the much valued cash crop. A shortage of the herb had been projected in March and it came true as the country’s markets lacked kava stocks for the better part of June and July. The crisis had appeared to fade around August only to resurge in September with even Read More
Fijian Rugby Team Kava
So if you haven’t heard the news, Fiji’s Rugby team brought home Fiji’s very first Olympic medal in Fijian history. Way to go Fiji! I think everyone was surprised about Fiji’s very first Olympic victory yesterday. Besides for being a tourist attraction, It wouldn’t seem that Fiji is really known for much else. After the victory, all of Fiji celebrated with its traditional favorite drink, which is kava of course. As kava fans, we know Read More
how to make kava tea
Here’s our guide on how to┬ámake good kava tea.   Kava drinks can be simple to make and taste great. We have two great recipes for you to try. The Kava root has natural ingredients that allow you to relax. This makes it perfect for bedtime or relaxing with family or friends. You can buy ground powdered Kava online or in some health food stores. The strength of the tea will vary, so experiment and Read More
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