Mood and Mind Premium Kava Root Powder

Mood and Mind Premium Kava Root Powder

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So we’ve been anxious to do a review on this product for a while now, and we finally got some time to sit down and write our thoughts on this. This product is one that we unfortunately, overlooked at first. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered it, and gave it a try for the first time. Wow, we were definitely missing out because this is the highest quality and overall best Kava product we’ve ever tried. The product has a concentration of 10% Kavalactones, and so far that’s one of the strongest concentration we’ve found in any Kava root powder we’ve tried. If you’re not familiar with Kavalactones, they are the active ingredient in kava that determines how strong the effects of the product will be.

This product is only made from premium Tonga and Vanuatu kava root. The high quality is very noticeable from its consistently fresh taste, and we’ve ordered multiple batches to test this. Not to mention, you just can’t beat the low price of this kava product. If you haven’t tried this product yet, we strongly recommend you order some and see how good it is for yourself.


  1. I read this review and this product sounded good so I figured I would give it a try. I have to say, this is a very high quality product and I would recommend it to anyone. The effects are much stronger than all the other kavas that I have tried so far. Great Review, keep them coming!

  2. This stuff is Amazing! Thanks for the review, I’m so glad I found this.

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