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"Kava root(also known as piper methysticum) is a great healthy alternative to other psychoactive substances because it produces a very relaxing, euphoric effect without bad side effects or hangovers. Not only does this plant have great recreational uses, but it can also be used as a very effective medicinal remedy. Additionally, Kava can help relieve anxiety, depression, and it's also good for pain relief. Check out our up to date reviews below to find out where you can buy the best Kava products."

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It’s time to forget about using a Kava bag or strainer for making your Kava. The Kava shaker cup and AluBall are amazing for preparing kava quickly and with ease. This is great for beginners or experienced Kava users that are tired of wasting time trying to make Kava the old fashion way, and don’t want to make a mess. It can even be used to make Cold-Brewed coffee, Cold-Brewed tea, or flavored water. Just be very careful when shaking to not shake too hard or shake without water due to the possibility of the shaker breaking. Also, this should only be used for cold beverages and not warm teas/coffee as that could also cause the shaker to break....

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Kava Waka Fijian Kava Powder

 Just like Vanuatu, Fiji is also known for its high-quality kava products, and this Fijian Waka Powder is definitely one of the the best Fijian kava products available on the market.  This powder is quite fine, making it very easy to strain, and it’s only made from Lateral and Crown Root only so it is extremely potent, which you’ll find out right away after opening the bag and smelling it. Not to mention, this stuff just tastes great and it’s also very smooth.  If you’re looking for premium a Fijian kava then you should definitely give this product a...

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Kalm Instant Kava Powder – Tongan Pouni Ono (Great for Beginners)

Instant kava is probably the best type of Kava for beginners that just want to try out the herb and see what it’s about. Unlike other instant kava powders, Kalm’s instant kava is fiber-free and the taste isn’t amazing but it’s got a pretty smooth texture for an instant Kava product. Kalm Instant kava drink doesn’t require any extra preparation, you simply just add water to it and stir it up and it’s ready to be consumed. Normal kava takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare for optimal consumption. This is a decent brand of instant kava and it’s worth giving a try if you want something that’s very easy to...

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