What is Kava ?

So I’m sure you may be wondering, what is Kava Kava? Well, Kava Kava (also known as piper methysticum) is a plant that originates from the south pacific islands. The roots and stems of the plant can be used as a medicinal treatment, or for recreational purposes. It can be taken as a supplement, but it is normally mixed with liquid to make a tasty drink or shot. The best Kava Kava is said to come from the south Pacific nations Vanuatu and Fiji. Kava has actually been used for hundreds of years in these south pacific islands, and they value it greatly for both its relaxation and medicinal benefits.

Recreational effects of Kava and the Kava high:

After drinking a couple cups of kava, you will usually get a feeling of heightened awareness and relaxation. The typical recreational Kava effects can be compared to the effects of alcohol. However, kava does not cloud your judgment and your thoughts remain very clear. The chemical compounds that cause this “kava high” are known as Kavalactones. These Kavalactones operate on the non-opiate pathways inside the brain, providing a non-narcotic effect that tends to mellow users out and provide temporary relief from anxiety and stress.


Just like alcohol, there are bars all over the world that are dedicated to serving a good cup of kava. Although not as common in the west, kava bars do seem to be increasing in numbers as more people learn about the great things that it has to offer.

The Medicinal Uses:

The list of claimed medicinal uses for kava is quite large. Some of the most recognized uses are pain relief, insomnia treatment, fatigue relief, and menstrual relief. Due to it’s wide range of medicinal values, Kava is also known to be a great alternative for those trying to quit using addictive pharmaceutical drugs. Some users even claim that the root helps give them extreme focus, and helps overcome their ADHD. Unfortunately, not nearly enough research has been done to be able to scientifically validate these claims.

What is kava kava

Potential Side Effects of Kava:

Although it does not effect your judgement, In large doses, kava can impair your response time and motor coordination, just like alcohol does. With that being said, it is highly recommended that users do not drive motor vehicles or operate machinery after consumption of the root. Other reported side effects include stomach ache, vision change, and drowsiness in the morning after use. Although not very common, It is also possible to be allergic to kava. Make sure if you have any symptoms of allergic reaction you seek immediate medical treatment. These symptoms include facial swelling, difficulty breathing, and hives.

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